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Camping Verte Rive Cromary

The campsite offers you different activities:



Rest on our spacious pitches, separated by beech hedges

Camping Verte Rive Cromary


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Get refreshed

Swim in the river l'Ognon, which is directly next to the campsite. The little ones can dip with mom or dad in the bay, the bigger ones can swim in the l'Ognon or go down the waterfall.

Camping Verte Rive Cromary - campsite next to the river L'Ognon
Camping Verte Rive Cromary - campsite next to the river L'Ognon
Camping Verte Rive Cromary - campsite next to the river L'Ognon


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Rental of kayaks

Camping Verte Rive Cromary - kayak en canoe on the river L'Ognon

You can rent kayaks or a canoe at the campsite, for 1 or more persons. We agree on a time of departure and we take you and the boat to the starting point upstream.
The river l'Ognon is ideal for novice kayakers. There is little current and in some places you might even feel like you're on a lake. Ideal for people with little experience!
There are 2 level differences in the river, we give practical tips on how to pass these 'barrages' and show them on the map before you start the descend.
We offer 2 points of departure: Aulx-les-Cromary (7 km / 2,5 h) or Cirey (12 km / 4 h). This way, you can take as long as you like for the return to the campsite. On your way back, you can have a break if you like and in the watertight barrel that is provided, even fits a picnic.
If you want to go kayaking with your dog, your four-legged friend can also come along in the car!
You can also rent the kayak or canoe for one hour. You start at the campsite, paddle nearby and then return to the beach in front of the campsite.
1 hour 7 km 12 km
1 person
8 € 25 € 30 €
2 to 3 persons
10 € 30 € 40 €
2 to 4 persons
10 € 30 € 40 €
Transport, life jacket(s), paddles and waterproof barrel included.


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Fishing - permit

Camping Verte Rive Cromary - fishing
You can fish in the river. You can catch trout and carp, among other things. A fishing permit is required. This can be purchased online, we can help you with this if you wish, or you can find the procedure for ordering the permit via this link (part 'practical info' on our site).
The possible permits to fish on site (prices 2021) are:
  man woman 12-18y -12y
day 13 € 13 € 13 € /
week 33 € 33 € / /
year 78 € 35 € (1 rod) 21 € 6 € (1 rod)

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Hiking and cycling

We provide maps of all the interesting places in the area, ideal for hiking and cycling. Enjoy the peace of nature nearby!

Camping Verte Rive Cromary - hiking trips and cycling tours in nature


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Games for the little ones, but also for the families.

Different games are available for free, for children or for family evenings.

Camping Verte Rive Cromary - games


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The game Kubb on the playground.

Kubb, badminton, beach ball, petanque, ... are available!

Camping Verte Rive Cromary - playground


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