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Camping Verte Rive Cromary

Practical information for our guests:

Emergency services

The telephone numbers of the emergency services are noticeable at our reception. Of course, we will assist you in emergency situations. Do not hesitate to speak to us when you are having a problem, we are there for you!

Gate and lighting

The large gate closes at 10 pm and is opened at 8 am. Therefore, there is no traffic on the campsite between 10 pm and 8 am. The small gate remains open during the night so that you can still enter or leave on foot after 10 pm. In that case, your car can be parked on the parking lot opposite the reception.
The terrain remains illuminated during the night, just like a night light in the largest toilet. The lighting of the other parts of the sanitary building is turned off at 11.30 pm.


We offer free WiFi. There is very good wifi reception throughout the campsite.
The law obliges us to be able to demonstrate who uses our WiFi, in case infringements of the legislation would be established. Therefore, you will receive a voucher from us, with which you can log in to our WiFi network. Of course your data will be treated confidentially and only communicated to the competent authorities when asked to do so.

Sanitary facilities

The sanitary facilities include 3 showers, 4 washbasins and 3 toilets. There is both a shower with washbasin and a toilet accessible for wheelchairs.
There are 3 washbasins provided for the dishes.
In all showers water is provided at 38°, this is a safety measure so that you can never get burning injuries.
On the outside of the sanitary building you will find a fountain with cold water. A little further you'll find a water point with hose to fill e.g. a watering can. Both water points offer drinkable fresh water.
The chemical toilet/cassette can be emptied in the red-brown toilet at the front. The tap is to flush your cassette, the lever is to flush the toilet.
The sanitary is cleaned daily, we hope that you will help us and your fellow campers to leave everything neatly, so that it remains pleasant for everyone.

Animation room

Next to the terrace you can go to the animation room via the ramp. This space is freely accessible from 8 am to 10 pm. There are books, comic strips and games available. Of course, everything must be used with care.

Bar and terrace

You can always enjoy a refreshing drink in our bar. Of course, Belgian beers are on the menu !
The bar is open at certain times (according to the information board at the bar), outside these hours you can always take a drink or an ice cream to your pitch. If you cannot find us immediately, you can ring at the reception.
Contrary to what you maybe read on the internet, we do not have a fixed pizza day. When we offer meals ourselves (e.g. pizzas) or when a food truck is coming, this will be announced on an information board at least 1 day in advance.

Walks and bike rides

Some ideas in the area:

Waste containers

The waste containers are to the right of the animation room. Please keep in mind to follow these specific rules regarding waste disposal:

Washing Machine

A washing machine and a dryer are available and can be used on request at 3 euros per machine. Wash pods are available at 0.30 euros each.
We help you choose the right program. Please ask if you want to make use of the washing machine or dryer.


We offer a daily bread service, except on Mondays. Opposite the reception you will find a beige cabinet containing order forms. If you place your order before 5 pm, you can pick up your croissants and / or bread at the reception the next day as from 8.20 am.


The following supermarkets are easily accessible from the campsite and offer a wide range of products. Besides food, you can also buy a lot of other things. You will also find a small grocery store in Vieilley, at 2.6 km from the campsite: Le Villeyaco Epicerie bureau de tabac: Tuesday to Saturday from 7 am to 12.30 pm and from 4 pm to 7 pm, on Sundays from 9 am to 12 pm. Closed on Mondays. Click here for the location on GoogleMaps.


Voray sur l'Ognon: 12, grande rue, 70190 Voray sur l'Ognon
Rioz: 125, rue Charles de Gaulle, 70190 Rioz
Devecey: route de bonnay, 25870 Devecey

General practitioner

Group practice: Maison de Santé du Verjoulot: 8, rue de la Prairie, 70190 Neuvelle Lès Cromary, phone +33 3 84 91 87 79


Centre de santé dentaire: 67, rue des Cras, 25000 Besançon, phone: +33 (0)3 81 65 80 00 or click here to make an appointment online.


In The area there are some vets. We recommend the animal Clinics in Rioz and in Baume les Dames, because they offer different specializations. You can also buy special food if your pet needs it.
- Clinique vétérinaire SCP Defauw-Loret, PA 3R Rioz, 2, Rue Émile Berliner, 70190 Rioz, phone: +33 (0)3 84 91 46 02
- Clinique vétérinaire de Baume les Dames, 48, Avenue Kennedy, 25110 Baumes les Dames, phone: +33 (0)3 81 84 06 45 (standby 24h/24 et 7d/7)
In case of emergencies we can bring you there and assist you. Let us know if we can help you.


Your pets are very welcome! However we ask you, in respect to your fellow campers, to keep your pet(s) on a leash at the campsite and to clean up their droppings, also outside the campsite please. You can throw the used bags in the bin for residual waste.
If needed, poop bags are for sale in the shop at 1 € for a roll of 20 pieces.
In France, a rabies vaccination is obligatory. Please ensure that you can submit proof of this if the authorities should ask for it and make sure to take the pet passport with you.
When you have planned a longer day trip without your dog, we can walk him or her if you wish. Please ask us a while in advance, so that we can include this into our planning.


Different games are available to use for free. We will not ask for a deposit, but we trust that they are treated with care, so that everyone can enjoy them for a long time.


Please let us know when you would like to kayak or canoe.
The lengths of the different routes with their approximate duration are available on a map in the reception or via this link.
Whoever wants to kayak with the dog, he or she can ride along in the car as well!


You can fish in the river l'Ognon. You can catch trout and carp, among other things. There are plenty of places where fishing is possible, so that swimmers and fishermen do not bother each other.
A fishing permit is required. This can be purchased online, we can help you with this if you wish, or you will find the procedure for ordering the permit online under the following table.
The possible permits to fish on site (prices 2024) are:
  man woman 12-18y
day 14 € 14 € 14 €
week 35 € 35 € /
year 85 € 40 € (1 rod) 24 €

How to purchase a permit via www.cartedepeche.fr:

If you wish to buy bait or other necessities, you will find a very large shop at 15 km from the campsite: Territoire Pêche, Miserey-Salines, opposite the supermarket Colruyt.


Finally, we ask everyone to have respect for nature and for each other, so that everyone can fully enjoy his or her well-deserved holiday!


If we can assist you with something else, we are there for you!


Jan & Heidi



Practical information - France in general:

LEZ-zones (zones ZFE-m)

The LEZ zones in France (low emission zones that require a certificate or 'ZFE-m - zones à faibles émissions mobilité') can be found via this link: GreenZones.eu.
You can purchase a certificate online via this link. This is the official website of the French government. You must upload the registration certificate of your car, we can scan it for you if you do not have it digitally. For a foreign vehicle the price is 4.76 euros, shipping included.
You will receive the certificate/sticker at home by post, but also by email, so you will have the proof with you when you are on the road.

Gas stations and fuel prices in France

Via this link you can find a gas station and compare the fuel prices.
You can select the desired fuel: diesel (gazole), petrol, LPG (GPLc).

Charging points for electric cars

Via this link, you will find an interactive map with charging points.

Toll roads

An overview of all toll roads can be found on this map.

Classification of your vehicle: click here. The class of your vehicle determines the toll rate.

Calculate the toll for your planned route via this link. Enter your place of departure and arrival and indicate the class of your vehicle. You will see your route on the map and the amount of toll you will have to pay.

peage-t peage-k peage-c

The lanes at the toll station with the orange t are only for 'télépéage', with a special badge or app. If there is also the logo of payment cards, you can pay by card in this lane. If you want to pay in cash, you must choose the lane with that symbol.
Please note, if there is only an orange t above the lane, you cannot pay and the barrier will not open if you do not have the badge or app.


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