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Camping Verte Rive Cromary

Some excursions in the area during your stay:

Sporting activities

Camping Verte Rive Cromary - kayak en canoe on the river L'Ognon
You can rent a kayak or a canoe at the campsite, for 1 or more people. We will take you and the boat to the starting point upstream and you will arrive at the beach at the campsite !
Camping Verte Rive Cromary - hiking trip yellow/blue-marked
Hiking trip 4,5 km
(departure from the campsite)
This walk partly follows the yellow-blue marking, runs through the fields and along part of the 'voie verte'.
Camping Verte Rive Cromary - hiking trip Cromary – Perrouse – Cromary
Hiking trip 5,7 km Cromary – Perrouse – Cromary
(departure from the campsite)
Walk through the fields to the village of Perrouse and then return to the village of Cromary via the D31.
Camping Verte Rive Cromary - hiking trip and cycling tour Voie Verte
Hiking trip 'Voie Verte' to Devecey or to Moncey
(departure from the campsite)
You can walk to both Moncey and Devecey via an old train track. In dry weather, the route is also perfect for cycling
Camping Verte Rive Cromary - boucle - tour no 5
Cycling tour of 46 km 'Boucle N°5'
From the village of Cromary (500 meters away) you can make a beautiful bike ride of 46 km! You can download the route below:

View Boucle N°5 as a jpg-file
Download Boucle N°5 as a gpx file gpx-file
Download Boucle N°5 as a gpx file gdb-file
Camping Verte Rive Cromary - Cycling tour 16km
Cycling tour or hiking trip 16 km
(departure from the campsite)
For whom 46 km is a bit too much, you can explore the surrounding villages via this route.
Monts de Gy (at 32 km)
Discover the hiking trips and cycling tours in Gy, including beautiful orchid walks:
Sentier de Folle (4km - 1h15)
Sentier des Pelouses (9,8km - 2h50)

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Parc Animalier
Parc Animalier in Besançon
(at 20 km)
A wildlife park with marked hiking trails. The animals stay in a very natural wooded environment. Very pleasant walk, especially in very hot weather.
Grotte de la Glacière
Grotte de la Glacière in Chaux les Passavant
(at 39 km)
Discover the treasures of paleontology, which are up to 160 million years old!
Sentier Karstique du Grand Bois
Sentier Karstique du Grand Bois in Merey sous Montrond
(at 42 km)
A hiking trail around the Maëva cave.
Les Monts de Gy en Vallée de l'Ognon
(at 32 km)

Hiking, biking, paintball, karting, and much more. Discover it in this brochure.
Motoroute du Haute Saône
Motoroute de la Haute Saône 328 km
(at 25 km)
By motorcycle along various villages in the Haute Saône.
Route des Vosges
Route des Vosges 331 km Vesoul / Epinal / Vittel
(at 33 km)
By motorcycle along various villages in the Vosges.

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Eglise Cirey-l-b
Eglise Cirey-les-Bellevaux
(at 7 km)
A very nice 18th century church in the village of Cirey.
(at 17 km)
A picturesque village, with houses dating from the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries and a church from the 13th century. The old fortress was surrounded by fortress walls in the 12th century, which are partially still visible.
(at 20 km)
A fairly large and modern city, but be sure to visit the old part of the city and the citadel, an 11-hectare fortress on a hill. The citadel was built between 1668 and 1711 and overlooks the old part of the city. Unesco world heritage.
(at 28 km)
A small, cozy town located in the Doubs valley. Along the canal, next to the Doubs, you can walk and cycle very nicely.
(at 33 km)
Not only the historic center of Vesoul, but also the panoramic views and caves in the area make Vesoul definitely worth a visit.
(at 49 km)
This characterful city is also called the 'little Venice', referring to the picturesque houses that seem to hang over the Loue.
Musée du Sel
Musée du Sel in Salins-les-Bains
(at 61 km)
Unesco world heritage. From the 8th century to 1962, salt was extracted here. With remarkable technical and architectural elements, reflecting the richness of its history.
Fouilles archéologiques
Fouilles archéologiques in Luxeuil-les-Bains
(at 68 km)
Archaeological excavations in 2008 and 2009 brought to light exceptional remains of the Saint Martin funerary church, when the famous monastery of Saint Colomban was founded in the Merovingian period.
Theatre Gallo-Romain
Theatre Gallo-Romain in Mandeure
(at 70 km)
An antique theater with a diameter of 142 meters that once had 4 floors of stands with 18,000 spectators. The site is accessible all year round.

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Markets, brocantes and flea markets in Franche-Comté

Markets in Rioz and arround
Vide-greniers et marchés aux puces
Flea markets
and the typical French 'vide greniers'
Marché de Palente, Besançon
a very large outdoor market, with many local products, every Wednesday and Saturday from 7 am to 1 pm

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Pep & Na
Pep & Na, Vieilley
Wednesday, Friday and Sunday pizza.
Tuesday and Thursday hamburger.
Noon: lunchmenu.
Closed on Mondayevening and on Saturday.

Menu via facebook-page
Auberge Le Saint Claude, Rioz
Auberge Le Saint Claude, Rioz
Closed on Monday and Sunday evening.

Menu   -   opening hours
Le Restaurant Du Lac, Rioz
Le Restaurant Du Lac, Rioz
L'Adresse, Rioz
L'Adresse, Rioz
Monday till Saturday from 8.30 am until 2.30 pm
Evening service (as from 7 pm) only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Closed on Sunday.

Menu via facebook-page
L'Autre Café, Boulot
L'Autre Café, Boulot
Monday and Tuesday from 8 am until 2 pm.
Wednesday till Sunday from 8 am until 7pm.

Menu via facebook-page

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And a lot more excursions and activities on the websites of the tourist offices in the area:

OT vallee de l'Ognon Rioz Monts de Gy Val Marnaysien Val de Pesmes Pays de Dole 2 Vallées vertes Pays de Villersexel Baume les Dames

The tourist offices of the 'Vallée de l'Ognon':

region et departements Tourisme en Haute-Saône Tourisme dans le Doubs Tourisme dans le Jura Tourisme dans le Territoire de Belfort Tourisme en Franche-Comté

The tourist offices of the region and departments:







Have fun !

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